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27 January, 2012

I've done some thorough meditation these days upon my intention of starting a new blog, and I have finally reached the decision of taking this risky step which may or may not expand my fashion horizons, but which will, most certainly, offer me the chance to spread my styling experiments and fashion penchant to a larger crowd, which is more easily accessible in the virtual world. And what better way to "break the ice" than by sharing with you my latest crush with the Valentino Spring Haute Couture Collection 2012?!

There is something so fresh, yet sober about this flawlessly crafted pieces, that gave me a complete state of hypnosis at a first glance, then as the unique, flowing, ethereal gowns were reaching the runway, I fell into a never before felt " déjà vu "",  envisioning myself wearing those exquisite creations, running across a serene plain, covered with small, fragile wild-flowers coloured in the most dreamy hues, almost as the fairy-tale like fabrics used for these pieces... and as the fabrics (organza, silk, taffeta, lace)  became more and more glittery and precious, the night was taking over my dream, propelling me into a Marie Antoinette scenario, as I was dancing at a lavishing ball-room gala, lost into a profuse state of euphoria... 

Well, you might say I have a wild imagination, but I believe this is the scope of Couture- to make you fell like a princess only by watching the clothes, let alone by wearing them..

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Yours, S

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  1. Fairytale gorgeous!xx


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