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29 January, 2012

Is it a crime to passionately crave for all these mouthwatering exquisite masterpieces? Well, that would mean you should call a girl a murderer for innocently dreaming of some of these glamorously crafted heels (although I admit I could even kill for some of them..in my..darkest fashion dreams of course) I mean, my feet are slowly dying with fever for not being able to feel the gentle touch of those Altuzarra delicate sandals, to groove in those juicy  APERLAƏ block heels or to show off in those delicious Nina Ricci flowery platforms. Every single piece I share with you in this post is a unique work of art from the S/S 2012 collections, born from a vivid creativity and a limitless imagination, two ingredients which make us love fashion more and more  with every new season that comes along. 
It's a cold annoying winter here in Romania and all I can think of is the colourful, pretty, feminine spring  which right now seems so far away. Oh..ladybirds and butterflies..come and take my blues away..and take at least one of these shoes with you.

P.S. Which one is your favourite?

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