Falling for pink

13 February, 2012

As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, it's that time of the year when you  feel like the ubiquitous presence of love is getting quite overwhelming. From the uncertainty of whether or not he/she expects any present ("I remember she told me not to celebrate Valentine's day..." well, yeah, that was last year, before you told her "I love you!"), to the pressure of choosing the perfect gift from the mounts of cheesy, pink, red purple, flowery, hearty objects adorned with girly adjectives. 

With the risk of repeating myself, as I might have said it before, I don't see myself as a hopeless romantic, but this year, I might feel something special, and it's not due to Valentine's Day in particular, but to an important person in my life. I don't see any other point in this kind of celebration besides having fun and offering silly gifts, as love should be celebrated each day, without expecting a commercial day, when you know you have to" spend some money to impress him/her" . Love is measured in explainable feelings, not material objects. 
Anyway,  as I couldn't relate to any of the heart shaped items and cuddly toys I found out there, I've decided to make my own Valentine gift (just for fun, as you can see from the shallow crafting)  , so I've created a kind of  heart-shaped necklace, which I offered to myself in this adorable box, polished with a satin bow. I felt such a childish and foolish happiness by the end of my artistic burst that I had to share with you these pictures.

P.S. Don't forget to check my official Valentine's Day post, tomorrow,  when I'll be sharing with you something special.


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