Karlie Kloss, Vogue US, March '12

04 February, 2012

Ok, so just to get it straight from the very beginning, I hope you won't label me as a Karlie fanatic, but honestly, this girl is all over the place (i mean the fashion industry) at the moment so it's quite inevitable not to stumble upon her..and we should all admit that she works these shots quite amazingly.
Anyway, this time around it's not her that dragged my attention to this Mario Testino spread , but the STYLING (which completely mesmerized me) by  Lucinda Chambers, one of my super-hero stylists, who's no stranger to Vogue, scoring some of the hottest editorials featured in the mag. So what's the recipe for success? Some dazzling glam frocks such as that Valentino yellow gown or the glossy plastic Dolce&Gabbana coat, a perfectly trained fashion eye, both from the stylist's  and the photographer's part, a never failing theme- lady-like luxury, an exquisite retro setting cluttered with all sorts of vintage cool goods, oh and also the pages of the most influential and highly anticipated fashion mag in the business waiting to be graced by your work.
So it's no wonder this super-trio added to their portfolio yet another hit. Anna must be a proud lady!

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