Valentine's Day Outfit

14 February, 2012

Although I should be thankful for this fairytale weather that made the setting of my shooting so ethereal and wonderful,  I can't be indifferent to the plight of the victims of this unusually harsh winter that has destroyed so many lives in my country. I pray that the melting of the snow won't create another disastrous aftermath.
But I should erase this negative atmosphere and focus on a  happier subject such as love and Valentine's Day in particular, for you all  know that it's the 14th of February (whether you like it or not, and I have noticed a slight trend towards hating it) . It's that time of the year when all the pink, giggly, sweet, romantic feelings reach the climax of their intensity.
I admit that I was also rather annoyed by all the fuss going on during this already "cliche holiday" but I learned to embrace its beauty, that lies, of course, in the chance to play dress up and feel more special than ever.
Of course the perfect Valentine's Day outfit must involve romantic textures such as satin, silk or lace, the latter being  the one that I actually chose for my look, as I find it so mysterious and delicate, but dark and intriguing at the same time. I know "dark" is not the perfect word today, but going against the mainstream is always a blessing, especially in fashion.
I was a lot inspired by the gorgeous collection of Erickson Beamon Fall 2012 where the 20's inspired   looks unveiled such a seductive, boudoir, romantic and dark atmosphere.You can see my favourite picks from the collection at the end of my post. 

And to celebrate even better this day, I have to share with you my newest addictive track from a super cute and cool French band, The BB Brunes

P.S. Thank you, my love, for these wonderful photos!

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