04 March, 2012

No, I haven't moved to the North Pole. These pictures were actually taken at my countryside, on the field behind my grandma's house and it wasn't cold at all. It's just that  the huge block of snow that covered all of my country last month hasn't melt down yet. 
Although it was a really sunny and warm day, the wind gave me a hard time but I always say that you have to turn every hindrance to your advantage, so it actually helped me to capture some beautiful shots. I hope you also like them :)

coat Zara
vintage blouse
trousers Mango

Here you have a little surprise  which I'm sure you hadn't expected in this post, because it has nothing to do with my fashion pictures from above. Yesterday I visited my grandmother for the first time since I purchased my new camera so I decided to take some snaps to test my lenses and here are a few of them which I wanted to share with you. 



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