Gala Avanpremiere 2012 10th anniversary edition

24 May, 2012

skirt Rhea Costa, top Mango, jacket Sfera, bag Max Mara, necklace made by me 

Thanks to three lovely bloggers: Silvia , Oliviana  and Ioana Gheorghe from Fashezine I was lucky enough to be among  the participants at the 10th edition of Gala Avanpremiere, a strongly anticipated Romanian fashion event in Bucharest.
 This was the first time I attended an official fashion show, so you can imagine the mixture of excitement and butterflies that I experienced before arriving at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, where the event took place.
I have to be honest with you from the start and tell you that this post comprises both the positive and negative aspects of the event as seen through my eyes. With the risk of being judged for being too straight-forward, I have to remain faithful to the promise I made to myself and to my readers when I started this blog: to be truthful and offer my own genuine opinion.
My expectations regarding this event were extremely high, and I have to confess that I felt a slight disappointment, not as much in the organization department as in the collections presented there. 

For me, the winner of the night was undisputedly the wonderful Simona Semen who I first met at the V for Vintage fashion fair where she represented her brand through Molecule.F . At Avanpremiere she presented her collection "Heaven Inside" supported by a fashion clip, which you'll be able to see in this post. Why is she my winner? Because she is a true artist and she really understands the meaning of the word "collection"- the theme was inspiring, artistic and cohesive, plus the atmosphere during her moment of glory was in perfect harmony with the mysterious, oriental garments and facial adornements worn by the models. She really managed to tell a story!

The runner-up for me was the collection of Anca & Silvia Negulescu, who came with a dark, yet sensual sartorial approach, a lot of fringed and cut-out leather, some interesting jewellry and structural silhouettes. To me, a fan of black and leather, this was a visual feast.

My third choice is Natalia Vasiliev, who came with a very vibrant collection and actually brought colour through her well-tailored pieces, baroque prints, rich textures and a palette of earthy hues with some bright touches of orange, purple and blue that created a bold, yet harmonious contrast through the necklaces. Although I am not a fan of velvet, she somehow managed to incorporate this tricky texture quite intelligently into some very lady-like pieces.

Designer Iris Serban presented a collection which impressed through some of her gowns, very Alexander McQueen but which let me down through a particular yellow dress, Atelier Versace 2012 inspired which looked very uninspired and unflattering to me.

Here are some snaps of the setting and some  (unprofessional ) clips of the atmosphere prior to the show.

I have to praise the team of photographers. Very professional and organized.

Lovely Silvia from was one of the official photographers of the event.

Well, this was a minus of the event. Although it was a fashion event, the buffet area of the venue was so poorly taken care of that it almost looked like from a different scenario. You might say I exagerate but I do feel that every aspect of an event should be thorougly considered, especially when we talk about an important fashion event that says so much about the Romanian fashion industry. 

Above, first row-Mrs Andreea Esca, famous Romanian news presenter + editor of The One Magazine, with her husband at the left and Laura Cosoi, Romanian actress at the right.  I had the chance to sit in the second row, right behind them, and I could not ignore how charming Andreea Esca is in real life- a true, natural lady. They were some of the public faces seen at the event, together with wonderful singer Maria Radu, Alexandra Ungureanu, Catalin Josan and in the background there was Andreea Antonescu, who was being interviewed at that moment.

Above- my personal favourite appearance of the night. This girl was perfect head-to-toe.

My cousin and  talented jewellry designer Alina Bancila, whose unique creations you can find here

Above- the man that made all this possible, head organizer  Mr. Alin Galatescu. He definitely has the most influential voice in the Romanian fashion industry, and his  initiative of promoting Romanian designers through such an event is  to be praised. Unfortunately, one cannot control everything.

Above, sweet Oliviana from

And here starts the show! You'll se MY highlights of the evening. 

 A&S Ngulescu- "Raw"

Down- The girls receiving their well-deserved round of applause.  I think this is my favourite moment of a fashion show, when the designers come out at the end of their collection to reveal the brilliant minds behind the fashion.

 Simona Semen- "Heaven Inside"

above- Alina Bancila wearing one of her designs.

fragments of Simona's fashion clip

down- a truly charming  and almost glorious appearance of the designer.
Carmen Secareanu- "New age collection" 
very dark and androgynous, not exactly my style, but the pieces were well crafted.

Natalia Vasiliev- "Golden Party"


This was my favourite look from the collection, together with the first piece from this set of pictures.

down- another minus..I am sorry but this is not how a model should appear on the runway. She looks totally gorgeous, but the slim-fit dress is not flattering her at all..

Iris Serban- "Nature's Spirits"

above- Laura Cosoi's  messy yet perfect hair-do.

above, the blury shape is Andreea Esca's truly flawless hairstyle.

I loved the designer's look and her silhouette but unfortunately she was really fast..

Dinu Bodiciu-  "Transient Bodies"

Well, this was the biggest disappointment of the night for me. Being the last one to bring out his collection, this designer was the loudest talked about presence at the gala, with a promising career and a professional collection in London which we admired in a video before these models appeared on the runway. I honestly felt like these poor collection ( 8 looks) was brought there just to fill up the blanks..I personally was horrified with threeo of the looks- this first jumpsuit with the deer horns, a red see-through jumpsuit-loooking..thing and another silver jumpsuit which you'll see in the last photo of this last set..I am sorry, but you just couldn't compare the collection from the video with what was presented at the event by the same designer.

above- the absolutely fabulous girls or the three hair bun musketeers looking gorgeous as always!
Catalina from and Diana & Alina from 

and that's a wrap of this year's gala..

I want to express again my gratitude for being given the chance to take part in this first event of such kind for me, which was a true learning experience and helped me understand better the Romanian fashion industry. I've seen a lot of beautiful people, well or not so well dressed, some good collections and some rather disappointing ones, some positive aspects of the organization and some negative ones, but this is just a natural thing and in the end, the small imperfections are the ones that make an event memorable and genuine. And I think Gala Avanpremiere managed to capture the Romanian fashion scene it its true essence, both with the pros and the cons. 

A big "congratulations!" to Mr. Alin Galatescu! 

P.S. I was wearing a Rhea Costa (Romanian Designer) skir, Mango top, Sfera jacket, Max Mara bag, and a necklace made by me.

I am sorry for the low quality outfit photo but it rained continuously and we were already late at the event..

Oh, and a BIG SURPRISE coming soon in a future post so stay tuned!! 


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