Kitchen Staple: Oats

26 May, 2012

I know you might think this is quite an unusual post for a fashion blog, but enjoying a beautiful lifestyle is one of my main priorities so today I decided  that I should start sharing with you some of my personal healthcare/beauty secrets.

My first "power ingredient" which plays an important role in my daily routine are oats!
Why did I choose this particular ingredient ?

Well, I don't know how many of you encounter this problem, which somehow, annoyingly arises  before summer, due to the massive amount of stress caused by the final school exams- a powerful food craving!
Personally I constantly feel the need to have a snak especially whenever I spend the entire day indoors because of the bad weather outside (which right now shows no sign of stopping any time soon..). 
Although this "snak" consists either of almonds, nuts, fruits or sunflower seeds, crossing the limits is never a good thing! But there's one particular cereal, the mother of all snaks- you guessed it! It's oatmeal!

 I have gathered some of its benefits in a short list which I am happy to share with you and maybe you'll also become a devoted fan of this ingredient as I did! 

  1. 1. Low calories food, stops cravings & enhances fitness level ! ( its soluble fibre slows down digestion)
  2. 2. Provides high levels of fiber, low levels of fat, and high levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  3. 3. Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces risk of diabetes.
  4. 5. Gluten-free safe.
  5. 6. Protects against heart disease and cancer specifically colon and breast cancer.
  6. 8. Helps reduce high blood pressure
  7. 9.  Enhances immune response to disease. 
  8.  10. Easy to cook and it tastes good !
  9. 11. Secret beauty weapon!
  10.  My personal beauty advice to you is to apply several times a week a facial mask made at home!
  11. The ingredients? Oatmeal flakes and honey! You might look like a scary troll during the process but the beneficial results are instant!

How do I eat my oats?

I always start my mornings with a boal of oatmeal with soy milk+other varied cereals+ 1  square of dark chocolate (85% cocoa)+ almonds+ fruits.
Sometimes I decide to eat oatmeal also during the day. I let it soak into water and mix it with whatever vegetables I have in the fridge and tofu cheese. You can see the result in the final photo.

So this was my first health tip to you! I always say that fashion goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Remember summer is around the corner and we want to be energized and fit!


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