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27 May, 2012

Good morning sweethearts! Today I am sharing with  you my latest creative project that I told you about in this post  !
I don't know how many of you felt the frustration of entering a store, noticing a super glam necklace which you immediately fell in love with until you read the unpleasantly unexpected high price. You checked again and there was no way you found yourself somehow in a Tiffany's store..the reason why these necklaces are rather expensive most of the time? Well, it's because often times they are hand-made and there's a lot of manual sewing going on with all that beads and sparkle you get to hold in your hands, which for the luckiest ones will eventually go around their necks.

Because I also found myself in this annoying  situation I decided it's high time I took a stand and get to also enjoy this trend before it fades away..although we wish it never will, right?

So, why not DO IT YOURSELF?

What you need is any old, long forgotten embroidered  garment that you own, but currently find too outdated to wear because of either its print or the overly washed fabric. If you can't find something like that  in your closet , nor in your mother's or grandma's, you should know these tops are widely available in the most random and cheap boutiques. Just go grab one, the one whose embroidery you love most and get down to business!

BACK-UP PLAN: for the unlucky ones that couldn't find this particular garment, but with a generous amount of patience and a passion for crafting, a single piece of net, or an easy to perforate, fine canvas will just do, and will also give you a larger freedom of expressing your own vision of the perfect necklace. You will now just have to go hunting for the most varied, yet harmonious beads to sew together onto the canvas, not before cutting it in the shape of the necklace you wish to have! 
After you finished the hand-made pattern make sure you leave some space between the middle section and the edges of the cloth so you'll be able to border it!

Now back to my project, I luckily had this old embroidered top that I gave up using as its fabric really went through a serious over-washing trauma because..well, it was white, but because I loved its beading pattern so much I knew I had to save it somehow, so I just added a few extra beads to cover some blank spaces on the already existing canvas, and then took the scissors and just started creating a necklace shape out of the top.

Et voilà!

At first I wanted to leave the top white edges but then the necklace  would have just been too long so I had to sacrifice them also..

For the borders, I purchased some varied ribbons, but eventually chose the silver ones. I really wanted to make a pop-out necklace but the mint border would have just been too much. I decided to save it for a future jewellery piece.

So I started cutting ..

Then I began adding the border..

and continued..

NOTE: the trickiest thing is the round shape of the necklace which needs a lot of attention with the border, so as to get an even surface.

Here you can see how I had it all covered..the back being also important. Be careful to keep your hand-work clean and detail oriented. You never know how you'll end up selling the stuff..just remember the price of those retail necklaces!

The big curve was finally done..

 now the small one..

and finally the upper parts

NOTE: you have to make sure these are very strongly sewn as you'll have to add extra ribbons to tie the necklace around your don't want to lose it while dancing right?
Sew, sew, sew to create a resistant surface!

I had to add three extra strings, as the top surface was too large, but this depends on the situation and on your taste of course.

Finally I thought I should plait those three..but eventually I let them loose as I kind of cut them too short from the very beginning. I constantly find myself facing this MAKE SURE you MEASURE your neckline from the start..or just let some extra inches in case you want to wear the necklace more loose. 

Here it is! My personal statement necklace which I can't wait to wear again! I wore it for the first time at Gala Avanpremiere in Bucharest and I can't tell you how proud I was. 
This is the best part about DIY projects, that whenever you are asked where you took that particular object from, you reply.."I made it myself"!
Isn't that the most priceless feeling in the world?


And it all started from this..

Hope you enjoyed this first DIY..or actually third..don't know how many of you remember the first one..quite a failure as I could never wear it outside..The second one was a black sequined collar which you can't see on my blog anymore, but I'll definitely wear it again in the future. Promise!

Now have fun creating your own statement necklace! I look forward to seeing the result!

love ,

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  1. Nice DIY! So cute with the plain white tank to make it stand out!
    I added this to my Pinterest DIY board!



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