natural look & sugarlips dress

17 June, 2012

So I guess I broke my "promise" and I am back with a new look. The fact is, I just couldn't keep this Sugarlips dress hidden in my closet much longer.
Yesterday I got the chance to visit my grandma at the country-side and what better environment to compliment this summery & breezy dress than in the middle of nature?

The only accessory I decided to  wear  (besides my lucky charm golden necklace) were these flowers. No makeup, no blings,  no fanciness. It's just a very tired and natural side of myself. Bare with me for a little longer and I promise the energy will come back again. In the mean while, I really hope you like this dress, as I absolutely adored it from the very first time I laid my hands on it. I am really picky when it comes to quality, but I just had nothing  bad to say about this one. 
Once more, Sugarlips made me fall in love with its items, and I can't wait to add a new one that would bring freshness and beauty to my wardrobe again. Check out my first  Sugarlips  post here. Which one do you like more?
Sugarlips dress
vintage blouse


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