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08 June, 2012

 Just smile! I decided to entitle this post like that, as I reached the conclusion that smiling is the only thing that makes our lives more beautiful. An honest, pure smile that can cover any sort of negative emotions we might feel at a certain moment..not that I am unhappy or anything..on the contrary. I finally feel things are starting to settle down in my life..just one more step to go..

 I guess this is the "clich√©" type of post, though I hope it's not also the "boring" type..

So it's been a long time since my last outfit post, but still,  I am afraid I will have to leave this one as it is for now..as I barely had time to select only three  of the photos I took last weekend at a family event so before I share with you this outfit in the best way possible I'll have to keep you waiting for a little longer..

As you probably already know from my previous posts where I have been constantly complaining about my final exams..time hasn't been standing still so they are right around the corner planning to steal away my sleeping hours for good...luckily I still have Stereomood and Lyst  to help me relax..I can't wait to get rid of all this exams and finally get the chance to spend some proper reading hours again...not school books, but real books, the ones I used to read and the ones that helped me dream and fight for those dreams I had.

I have to tell you that one of my dreams came true and I will hopefully (after passing my exams) be a student at TEKO in Denmark. I guess everything happens for a reason in life, so I have to be grateful for all my current accomplishments and forget about any disappointments that might have occured in my life so far. They all seem to take me to a specific destination, which I hope to be paved with success..

So what about you? Am I the only one starting student life this August or are there any other freshmen among you guys?

P.S. I'll update this outfit post in July! I hope you'll understand!


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