how to wear : boyfriend's shirt

20 July, 2012

So you've probably noticed by now my penchant for masculine clothing, but one piece that really works out regardless of the situation or style is the "boyfriend's shirt", as stylists like to call it.
I already tried it out three times so far for my blog, but countless times in real life. 

The first time, I created an androgynous look, pairing it with several other men fashion inspired items such as the oxfords, the vest, the tie and the overcoat, then I chose a really loose and cozy outfit, by adding an extra large sweater over the shirt and finally I got to feed my curiosity for wearing such a shirt with a skirt, and luckily the result couldn't have pleased me more. 

I have two questions for you now: which one of these three styles is your favourite? Have you, or would you ever wear your father's , boyfriend's or brother's shirts outdoors? 

I surfed the online fashion for some perfect shirts, and Lyst was a real treasure finder as always. Below are my top picks  from both men's and women's fashion.

Below are some of my favourite styling gigs featuring the masculine shirt ! Hope you have enough inspiration now to go outside the box and try out something that at a first glance might seem outrageous ! It's fashion, so everything is allowed as long as you know how to turn fun into something stylish and gorgeous ! Good luck loves! I would love to receive the links from your blogs with posts featuring a masculine inspired look!




  1. Foarte tare!
    Bravo Sara

  2. The dress is amazing and really beautiful with and without the straps. I am so excited to wear it and would definitely recommend it to anyone.


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