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16 July, 2012

As much as I love masculine fashion, I am a girl myself so although this time, I chose once again one of my father's shirts, I had to match it with a skirt, structured and casual. This skirt has reached the hot list in my top favourite items in my closet right now, together with the necklace I designed of course and these new shoes from Massimo Dutti that I am totally in love with ! They actually allowed me  to walk in heels for the first time during the day for a fairly long distance without feeling uncomfortable. I so sorry though that in the heat of the moment I didn't take a close-up picture of them so you could see their amazing texture..but it won't be long until you'll see them again so I promise to do my job properly next time.
Coming back to my look, this is the third time I created an outfit revolving around a man's shirt, so I will soon write a post specifically dedicated to this versatile item, a real catch also during summer, when the best thing to do is wear clothes 3 sizes bigger than your actual one.
See you soon!

skirt MANGO
necklace my design



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