summer in our eyes

22 July, 2012

Sun, chat, best girl by your side, refreshing pool and (fairly) good music. Almost the recipe of a perfect sunny day spent outdoors in a vivid and cheerful place, except for some unpleasant people around  ( that's the risk of trying to enjoy some private time in public places). Luckily, we managed to ignore these bugging male counter-productive individuals and continued to enjoy this totally relaxing day. It was almost surreal, both for my friend and I to just sit and get a proper sun bath after some really stressful and grueling studying months, so today we literally spent the entire day doing..well, nothing. And it felt so damn good !! Plus, we got quite a nice tan at the end, so you could say the day went perfectly.

I snapped some close-ups during the day just to give you a hint of the overall atmosphere (and to show you how gorgeous my friend is !!! ) 

I definitely recommend you try such a "girls day out" as the feeling is irreplaceable !! 

Till my next outfit post (which will emerge pretty soon), enjoy your summer to the fullest!!




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