Jean Paul Gaultier school project

29 August, 2012

Just finished my first TEKO project delivery and I have to tell you that the experience was enlightening..I got to know myself so much more and detect my flaws and strengths only by working in a team of perfect strangers at the beginning. There were fights, frustrations, communication barriers, but in the end we managed to become a perfect, cohesive team that delivered a maximum points (12-Danish grading system) presentation ! I can't tell you how empowered I felt after this first experience of such much stress and  hard work put into details, trying to make everything perfect definitely took a toll on my state of mind at the beginning and especially towards the end but it all ended up perfectly as planned so nothing to complain about anymore!

Our project's main designer was Jean Paul Gaultier, so we decided to recreate the iconic piece that represent's the designer's trademark, which is the corset. We chose Madonna's 2012 MDNA tour corset created by the designer, as a reference point, after being inspired by the one she wore in 1990, the first famous cone-bra corset ! 
Some iron wire, universal pliers, scissors, tape and lots of cuts and bruises on my hands, but it was all worth it. Of course the result is not even close to the original, but it's nice to have something coming out of your hands after you put so much passion into it.

Our project also included three other designers: Yohji Yamamoto, Carlos Miele and Manish Arora. You can see a collage with all of them at the end of the page.

hope you'll like it!




And here's one of my school mate's work, a girl who also took my first outfit photos here in Herning. You can check out her blog again here. She's super talented !! And this is not even finished yet..damnz..i'm so proud to be her friend hehe

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