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17 August, 2012

It's been a week since I first got contact with the Danish life and I have to say it's been a striking change of environment and culture, but one that has certainly moved me in a positive way. I couldn't ask for a more inspiring and productive environment to live in, charged with such a positive energy. I have tried to capture some other moments and surroundings from my new life. You'll get to take a look at some of my adorable school mates, gorgeous nature, at my simple yet happy room and floor and also see a little bit of my outfit as the unusual sun played some tricks on me and I ended up by having no proper outfit pictures to show you so I am sorry about that. Still, I managed to snap a shot of my new Zara white boots that I absolutely adore !! ..and just as I was complaining about the weather, I finally got to experience the Danish rain, which really takes you by surprise but which is as friendly as every other thing around here ! ^^
Stay tuned for more adventures..gotta go to school now and watch "The September Issue" for like the 10th time..oh, how I wish I could have the 2012 Vogue's september issue in my hands right now..

see ya!





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  1. Oh you're living I'm Denmark? Funny - i live here my self. In Herning I suppose? (I can tell from the pictures, I have got a lot of friends who has earlier went to Teko)
    Crazy how small the world is... :-)


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