Campus Festival 2012 Herning Denmark

24 September, 2012

Music and fashion have always walked hand in hand so why not make a post about MUSIC on a fashion blog ? Especially when the context is Campus Festival, the coolest local festival in little Herning, that this Saturday brought together some explosive and colourful artists among which  Xander, Wafande ,  Kaptajn Drøwe , Cannibal Zoo,  High Level Headphones ,  Federal Unicorn  or LSD on CIA .

To my shame, some might say, this was my first festival experience, but from now on I'll be able to look back and say "This is how it all started" , cause you guessed, I will definitely not stop here with these music adventures.  I have to admit, though, that swinging through mud for an entire day, getting wet, dirty, cold, tired are maybe not the best things one could wish for from a supposedly relaxing and careless day, but when you have all that electric energy around you, the positive vibes, the inspiring music and people, plus the delicious tea..and OK..the food  & drinks..who cares about the negative ? 

I do miss this event, the beautiful faces and smiles, the strangers around me that gave me all these beautiful snaps, that made me enjoy so much taking photos all day...but now we can only dream of the next super event organized by these super full of initiative people that you'll get to meet below. 

Cheers to them, and to the rain..Keep pouring with unforgettable vibes! 














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