Super Karisha

26 September, 2012

Meet my super duper wonderful house mate here in Dk, Karisha aka Monkey , the most lively, talented , honest & pure human being I've ever met. Cheesy so far I know, but the fact is that in this case, these words are the blunt truth, can't choose anything else to better describe this unique artist :) 

I've made a selection of some of her art work  that would give you a hint of how much of an enormously generous artist she is, and yes, these artworks are for sale and you can find even more on her website  + contact info.

So here you have it! Try to remember this girl's name cause she'll be around for a long time, and you haven't even seen it all yet ! Oh and did I mention that she's also a mind blowing DANCER ?! oweeee

Enjoy it, art lovers !


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