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28 September, 2012

So when you have late September, Denmark and the sun, all in the same sentence, this must definitely be called a miracle. I have to tell you, this is not a day to waste indoors, but to go crazy outside, bike till you can't feel your legs and your throat gets sour ( not the best advice, but you get my point) and of course take a big deep breath of fresh air in your soon-to-become-polluted-by-the-weekend lungs . Of course almost   half of the day is already finished, but this morning I knew it's time for a new happy outfit post  and as you can see, even on a 10 degrees day, in Denmark it's time for a pair of shorts !!

My precious Zara coat is one of my latest and most beloved items in my closet, just because it has a perfect Balenciaga-like cut, and a cozy soft fabric that makes it suitable for any occasion.  I waited quite some time before being able to wear it properly for a blog post, I don't really know why, but here you have it now- chic and comfortable  !

Zara coat
H&M shorts
Nissa shirt
Bershka shoes



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