Lazy Wednesday

03 October, 2012

I've been dying to show you my latest footwear beauties from Asos ! I literally grabbed the last pair on stock, which was like the luckiest move ever, as I am pretty bad at online shopping when it comes to the right sizes still available. And then, when I finally had them in my arms, I suddenly became skeptical about weather I could ever wear them or not, as they are so, but SO different from my normal style. 

Why had I bought them, you might ask? Well, I guess I had this gut feeling that I will eventually love them, as I do now! It took only one try out, and I immediately discovered they are the most comfy boots ever, and I can actually wear them with anything. So it is sometimes advisable to rely on your intuition and just go with your fashion instinct ! I did got some weird views when I first wore them, but I couldn't care less ^^

This time I decided to pair them with my favourite sequined dress, and then I dived into an extra large + cute sweater, just to give you a hint of my mood today, on this utterly grey Danish weather, during which I could barely find 5 minutes without rain to shoot these photos for you guys...


flatform boots ASOS
sweater MANGO
dress (Sfera)

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