Oh, Valentino !

04 October, 2012


So as you probably now by now, Paris Fashion Week has officially ended today. All that glitz and glam will  be seen from now on only around the digital world, and Lord, do we ever get tired of watching all those outfit photos getting viral all over the web ? Of course we don't. Anyway, talking about collections, there were some crazy yet fabulous ones as always, and I won't talk about Mr. Karl's " hula hoop" beach bag as it has already become as famous as his cat ! Though I have to admit I found it quite brilliant and cool. 

A colourful season is scheduled for this summer it seems, but I won't talk about that either. Instead, I chose Valentino's collection to put in the lime light. Why? Well, it screams perfection ! You've probably noticed that I am not a fan of colour either, so that will explain even better why this particular cat-walk show was my absolute favourite.  But who am I fooling here anyway, I love it because I love Valentino. I loved it when the master was still in charge of the brand and I love it now too when Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli have become the ones to deliver such exquisite garments.

I love how they remained faithful to the brand's aesthetic but at the same time they brought an extra amount of sensuality and charm . The fabrics become one with the silhouette and the perfect cuts reveal just enough to make a woman look attractive but still mysterious.

Enough with the talking now, although I could keep on doing it forever, and praise the clothes over and over again, hoping one day an embroidered Valentino dress will fall down from the sky straight into my arms..

Enjoy the photos !


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