Buttoned up

24 November, 2012

There's nothing I love more than wearing  a simple outfit and spice it up with some statement accessories ! 

The black and white chromatic and the navy blazer really saved the spotlight for my newest and dearest accessory ! To be more specific, as you've probably noticed by now, I am a reptile-print freako..so here I am again with a new purchase added to my "cold-skinned" collection of items- the IT bag, outrageous, FUN, brilliant ! 

H&M has made me really happy lately and it keeps getting better and better - first the bag and then the leather-looking trousers ! I've always wanted a pair of leather pants but I never seemed to find the perfect fit for me until now, but given the fact that their fabric is not real leather, this was just the warm-up since I will definitely invest in a genuine version as soon as possible ! 

Today was one of those miracle sunny days here in Denmark and you could just feel the joy all around ( not only on my face) ! It was such a blast to watch the nature breathing again and enjoying a few rays of sunshine. I felt I could take photos all day long but luckily for my schedule, daytime doesn't last for too long in here..

What do you think about the bag ? Is it something you would normally buy ? 
I really hope you guys get more sun than I do..


trousers H&M
shirt (vintage)
brooch (vintage)
blazer Zara
boots Zara
bag H&M





photos by  Agnė 

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