11 December, 2012

It's high time you got to know the pretty face behind the camera that has been helping me with keeping the blog alive for the past few months. She also happens to be one of my  three house mates who really made my experience here in Denmark so far an unforgettable one, keeping me safe from becoming home-sick. (remember also talented Karisha ? )

When  I look back now, it's almost scary to realize how things clicked from the very beginning when I first got here ( I got quite nostalgic last night while going through this post ) . The people I met so far only made my life better and better , helping me to open doors that I haven't even been aware I could open that fast. 

And then you meet that person that also listens to Florence and The Machine and gets crazy on The Killers, the one whom you can talk to about books and boys and know you'll never be judged, but most importantly, the one that cleans the house without being grumpy or resentful.   How perfect can that be ? 

So please meet Agnė , a charming human being whom my camera instantly fell in love with !

What to do when a spontaneous , just-for-fun shooting turns out to be quite a promising one ?  You just go with it and make sure to catch all that beauty as professionally as possible. Not sure I managed to do that, but as far as my camera-girl skills are concerned, I am pretty pleased with the results. 

I have to confess I will definitely miss all that girl talk and laughs that became a daily routine in the house during the last 4 months , but compared to that amount of time, the 5 weeks time while I'll be gone home will pass by in the blink of an eye, so there's no reason to get that bitter-sweet feeling again..although it's a fact: I'll surely miss my girls ! :)

I'll leave you know to be hypnotized by this enchanting person !

Talk to you from Romania next time ! 




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