Home for Christmas

23 December, 2012

It's the first time I experience a comeback home after a relatively long time spent away from my family so you can imagine the blend of emotions I went through before and on my arrival.

 I needed a few days to rest, visit my relatives and take it all in before finally get back to my outfit shootings. This time, the outfit choice was simple, quite conservative but weather-friendly since the temperatures in here are not too different than the ones in Denmark.

These photos were taken in a very dear and special place for me- my countryside. I got the chance to visit my grandma this weekend and it was very emotional to reminisce upon childhood moments spent in such a wild, natural and free environment.

 Christmas is right around the corner and I feel such a magical atmosphere in the air already. It certainly has a bigger impact on me spending the holidays with my family this year. I have to cherish every moment spent next to them as I don't know what the future holds and when I'll be able to return home next year..

But let's not sink into negativity ! The present is what matters most and all I know now is that I am so very happy to be able to say "home for Christmas" !!

Enjoy every moment spent with your family !!

watch Tissot 
skirt vintage
envelope clutch (unknown) 




  1. Sărbători pe măsura sufletului tău frumos!

    Aici rămân, fidelă!
    Nu mă dezamăgești!

  2. Multumesc mult, fata frumoasa ! Iti doresc si eu tie acelasi lucru ! Un an nou plin de realizari !

  3. Awesome! Perfect combination! :) Love everything about this outfit! ...and I love those beautiful photos! :)



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