Rocking around the Christmas tree

25 December, 2012

Happy, jolly, holly holidays, my beloved readers ! 

Today is one of those days filled up with clich√© greetings and Santa hats but I simply couldn't help myself not to join the holiday mainstream since, well..this is my blog's first Christmas celebration !

 It's almost the end of this hectic yet exciting year , but I won't reminisce upon the most important moments in 2012 for me, yet ! Instead, for now, I simply want to wish you the same mundane Christmas greetings, but uttered with honesty and joy !  I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to share these joyful moments in my life with the people that understand my dedication to fashion and support me . I have been a very lucky girl this year for being able to accomplish some of my dreams and receive a positive feedback for my work, almost unexpectedly sometimes. 

So, before a New Year resolution , why not make the most out of these few days left from this year and enjoy every moment spent next to your dear ones?

Eat, love, laugh and explode with happiness ! This is not a time for negative thoughts, but a time to believe in miracles and surround yourself with positive and cheerful energy ! 

Happy thoughts!






  1. I bet you had a wonderful Christmas! You photos are filled with joy! :D

  2. I am your new follower! I hope you can follow me back! :)
    Great Blog! You are so beautiful
    Big Kiss


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