TEKO final 2012 project + beautiful people

13 December, 2012


Yesterday I had my last school presentation this year and it was such a thrilling and inspiring experience! I was so positively impressed with all the creative minds surrounding me who delivered outstanding exhibits !

Basically, this Brand ID project, as it was entitled , required us to select any sort of brand other than a clothing & apparel one and take their brand identity to the next level by creating a promotional garment that would be linked to a branding campaign. The students had some brilliant ideas that you'll get to get a grasp of during this post. Unfortunately I didn't capture everything, but I think I managed to depict what a lovely environment I am privileged to study in and how creative and beautifully talented my piers are .

I have to say that not all projects were a complete thrill during my first semester at TEKO , but this one ended my school experience this year gloriously ! Although I've been having a deep passion for branding in a long while, I haven't had the chance to experience it properly and put it into practice until this opportunity came along.

My group's brand was Polaroid because I personally have a huge fascination with vintage photography and I was lucky enough to work in a group that supported my idea and collaborated to bring it to life through continuous dedication and work. I couldn't be happier with the result especially when the teachers graded us for the stand & presentation with the highest score !!

Although this year is almost done, I have some exciting plans for my blog next year that I hope you will positively respond to as well . As a hint, I can only tell you that this wasn't the last time you saw the beautiful and stylish faces among my school mates at TEKO ^^

P.S. If you are searching for a fashion+ business school to study at, there's no better choice than TEKO !




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