The scent of a winter

08 December, 2012

I know I should be ashamed of myself for lowering my posts' frequency so drastically but lately my energy has been seriously affected by a series of "excuses" . Whether it's school, extracurricular projects, physical  exhaustion , creativity crisis or most importantly , the piercing coldness outside, I've let myself dragged down by these counterproductive factors. So, it's high time I shake off all these negativity and start bursting with energy again, especially now that I have so many happy moments to look forward to !

Firstly, my last school project before the winter holiday is about to come to an end, secondly, I am soon heading back to my also frozen homeland, but which somehow seems warmer since I'll finally get to see my dear family after almost 5 months and lastly, Christmas is coming!!

Today's look might come as no surprise to you since you've surely seen some familiar items here already like my favourite pair of leather shorts ( genuine this time ! ) which I've also worn HERE and my beloved baroque printed Romwe dress ( see HERE ) whom I decided to wear as a top this time.  

The fresh details I decided to add now are two new Romwe items that I am so grateful for and happy to possess : 1st comes this gorgeous golden studded necklace which is a true charmer and 2nd , the olive oversized coat which added a warm tint to my outfit's colour palette.
Although it seems like a predictable outfit for my style, the flatform shoes are definitely not something that I would normally dare to buy, but I got the chance to "steel" them from one very bravely-stylish friend of mine and they immediately clicked with the overall look.

Putting aside the fact that I was totally frozen during this shooting, I was very happy to be able to give you new styling ideas ! So, don't be afraid to spice it up a little bit by adding a surprise factor to a neat and safe look !

Until next time, stay warm & fierce ! 

coat ROMWE
dress ROMWE
shorts vintage
blazer H & M



photo: Agne 


  1. In ce iti editezi pozele atat de frumos? Stau si ma minunez de toate cat de frumoase sunt;)

  2. photoshop sau photo scape . mersi :D

  3. I just discovered your blog and OMG!!! i looooove it <3
    I'm definitely stalking your posts from now on!
    Te pup, Eva.


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