Winter wonderland

10 December, 2012

A big white snow pie, that's what Denmark is at the moment. So why not put a little bit of colour on this frozen background ?

I've always been scared of wearing red lipstick or any red garment for that matter, but deep inside I was secretly dreaming of a deep red overcoat that would pop out in any crowd . I managed to get a taste of that "lady in red" feeling last winter thanks to my mom's gorgeous coat ( see HERE ) but that didn't last for long unfortunately and I got back to my safe neutral colour zone.

Last week at a flea market organized in my university I got my eyes on a beautiful vintage coat that I totally fell in love with so I had to purchase it in the end. My shopping experience continued that day with my first leather mid length skirt which is a total catch ! I must say it was quite a brave move for me to buy these items but I don't regret it at all !

I hope you'll also get fond of this lady-like look but most importantly of the beautiful nature surrounding me here.

P.S. Let the countdown begin! 4 days before returning home!  the joy !!

skirt H&M

coat vintage
sweater ROMWE
boots ZARA

Stay warm! 





photo: Agne

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  1. These Pics are simply amazing! Congratulations! :O


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