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19 January, 2013


LET'S GET PERSONAL. so, good morning, early birds ( or is it just me waking up this early as usual ? ) well nevermind, i'm still going to pour my heart out here. it's 6:30 in Romania, reporting from my cozy room, which actually felt so cold & uncomfortable last night . it's the first day in 5 weeks time, since I got back home, that I've woken up at 5, not because of school/blogging work,  but because of insomnia and i must say, what an unpleasant feeling that is ! could the reason to this be the fact that today I'm actually leaving my home nest again ? or the fact that I might be back here again only after about 12 months ? 

i suppose it's both combined.

time flies by. you feel that yourself and unfortunately, there's nothing revolutionary we can do about it. if 5 weeks ago I was saying, "well that's a lot of time to spend on doing nothing" , how wrong was I when now it  feels like only just yesterday I was writing to you this post , feeling all safe, surrounded by my parents' love. ( life tip of the day : NEVER COMPLAIN about being taken care of !!! )

now, finding myself on the verge of heading back to my old but new life, I actually take the time to properly reminisce upon these 5 weeks and realize they were actually pretty filled up with action. what's on the list? 
well, getting my driving licence, being accepted for a 3 months internship in Spain, having my first Paris Fashion Week trip planned, plus other miscellaneous. yes, i guess i should be proud of myself and praise 2013 for kick-starting in such a promising and motivating way !  

a hectic school schedule is waiting for my back in Denmark at least til February, but no room for panic with so many other future plans awaiting for me.  

so, is there any point in talking about the photos in this post just now after all these confessions ? of course there is, because this will be my last post from home and also because, I absolutely LOVE this shooting, no matter how random, low-quality, blurry, noisy, scandalous or simple it is . 

its story? well, thanks to my friend, Andreea Gruioniu, a gorgeously talented photographer whose work you can SEE & LIKE HERE , I managed once again ( for the 2nd time after THIS outdoors experience with her )  to bring to life my vision into some really honest and energetic photos, that I've been wanting to do in a long while but never really had the chance.

how did we get to this result ? after having used her super professional camera and multiple lighting adjustments and trials, my face just didn't look decent and nobody was satisfied.  so there came that brilliant , inspiring moment of taking a spontaneous snap with..the mobile phone. and you see, that was it. the rest is history, or just another post on my blog, haha. a very different one though, which portrays my double personality , a never ending fight between my inner lady and inner tomboy. but i guess it's just not the time to settle on one of these two so I'm going to keep having fun for a while. 

so here you have it, the outcome of  insomnia + nostalgia + anticipation + sadness + are some pretty contrasting feelings. then I guess I really am feeling black & white at the moment. 

 until my next post from frozen Dk, stay warm and loving ( towards people & fashion )

P.S. stick around this year, lots of adventures are bound to happen ! 

see you soon ! 



  1. you look pretty as always the photos are really good! <3
    and you somehow reminded me about how time flies really fast and wanting to go back how i used to be....and looked like....
    haha anyways, all the best to you!

  2. thank you so much ! unfortunately, we can't take back the time but that shouldn't stop us from enjoying the present and dreaming forward . it's just the natural , yet cruel law of the human nature..but from a positive perspective we could call it simply..progress :) and from what I've heard, every age has its beauty ! all the best ! love

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I'm an early bird too but a whole 9 hours behind you!!!


  4. The photos are seriously adorable - I love the clean lines!

    Good luck in this next phase!


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