07 January, 2013

A BLISSFUL DISCOVERY. if you were still wondering why  i am so utterly passionate and dedicated to my blog, now it's the time to get an honest answer. 

fashion. a deep urge of expressing my sense of style and sartorial dreams with those who equally share the same interest, but also having the chance to try out wonderful clothes and making even the oldest, dustiest items found in my grandma's closet look glam and posh in front of the camera.

but then again, there's no secret that one of the biggest perks of being a blogger is the chance to pimp up your wardrobe with free cool clothes . among those generous friends of fashion bloggers there's also the super Blogger's Wardrobe. i am not one of the lucky " fashion speakers" blessed to have this wonderful website as a regular provider of awesomeness, but there's no harm in dreaming to become one of them in the future. i also decided to write this post  in order to give you, the more experienced, popular and cooler blogger reading this,  the chance to discover such a great opportunity for your blogging career, if you haven't already done it. 

so below i've selected some of my favourite brands available on the website, whose products really resonate with my personal style.

 enjoy and good luck ! 


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  1. The cat sunglasses are HOT!!


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