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04 January, 2013

BACK TO THE ROOTS. well, yes. 1st outfit post of 2013 takes me back to my beloved "Ion.C.Bratianu"  highschool, next to my dear friend, Mirela, whose beauty you might remember from THIS OLD POST .
yesterday, i enjoyed a really genuine and relaxed photo shoot , wearing a very comfy outfit with items "borrowed" from my father's wardrobe ( shirt + scarf) .
basic, casual, sporty, menswear. these are a few keywords that I love incorporating in my outfits the most . 

i loved the feeling of walking freely around this building that gave me such a big amount of headaches during my last weeks spent there. now, there were no teachers to hide from because of skipping classes or entering the front door. there was just a rather grumpy guard who almost stopped us from entering the school at the beginning. luckily he quickly changed his mind and we were able to snap some fun shots .

my girl will soon go back to university, in England , while i'll have to wait for a little longer before going back to Denmark. although i didn't want to admit it, yesterday was sort of  a farewell between the two of us, but i don't want to get sad yet. Still, Emily Dickinson beautifully depicts my state of mind at the moment:

"Parting is all we know of heaven,
  And all we need of hell."

big thanks to Mirela and Puxa for taking this photos. i will miss you girls, but not yet. let's make a memorable 2013 ! 

jeans Dika 
boots Zara Basic
shirt Zara Man
scarf G Faricetti menswear 




photos by Ruxandra Gabriela (Puxa)

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