men fashion week 2013 street style by tommy ton

17 January, 2013

MIGHTY MEN . when it comes to street fashion, there's no better story teller than Tommy Ton. the guy immortalizes the most real , vivid and valuable street style moments, that others don't even notice, and does he have a tasteful eye or what !?

so here I am again, talking about menswear, because, yes, you might have noticed already, I'm a true worshiper of the black suit . i had to share with you these priceless moments captured during the menswear shows by my favourite street-style photographer with hopes to give some inspiration not only to the boys but you, pretty ladies. i honestly think there's nothing more seductive and mysterious than a perfectly tailored suit , worn by both sexes. then comes the accessorizing issue, which is pretty much solved by all these brilliant people you're about to admire in these snaps.

P.S. Play with masculine inspired layering  ! 






  1. These are such amazing pictures! I've always wanted a tuxedo but for now give me a crisp jacket anytime!


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