Sugarlips Quilted Camelot Jacket

14 January, 2013

CASUALNESS. and the ultimate cool factor, I might also add. that's exactly what this utterly delicious sugarlips jacket is and I can't be prouder to be its lucky owner !

my collaboration with Sugarlips started not long ago ( see my other looks HERE and HERE ), and so far, I couldn't be more satisfied with their services. they always make sure to give you the ultimate shopping experience, making you feel like their most privileged customer. the brand is constantly improving, getting better, brighter and cooler by the time with such a versatile and feminine range of garments. DO make sure to check out their website. many other goodies are treasured there ! 

what concerns the outfit I decided to create around this center piece, it is a definite casual and urban one. this is exactly what I usually choose to wear in order to feel comfortable, yet a little edgy during an afternoon stroll. a Sunday spent with my family around one of my hometown's beautiful forests was just the right opportunity to try out such an outfit. 

it's the last week spent with my family before returning to Denmark to start a brand new school year and i can't believe how fast time passed by and how many accomplishments 2013 has already brought me. 

you will be the first ones to get updates on all of my future plans, but for now, this is all I can tell you ^^ 

trousers H&M
shirt Massimo Dutti menswear
spectacles LEVI'S 
belt ZARA
boots ASOS



  1. Fantastic look! I love the jacket!

  2. Amazing as always! But I really have to say that I love the combination of pattern, texture, and pop of color. the yellow belt did it for me:)

  3. glad to hear that sweetie !! thank you so much ! HEART


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