valentino vs. elie saab

25 January, 2013

CAN'T DECIDE . so there's no doubt that I am a forever devoted worshiper of Valentino, but this year's couture shows left me torn between two collections that share loads of similarities, and got my heart sliced into two loves. that's why I truly need your help with this. Valentino or Elie Saab ? or...there's no possible way one could choose between these two ? 

clean cuts, beading, shimmering fabrics, an ethereal flow of the dresses and fragile silhouettes, all these elements have been  ubiquitous throughout both collections, yet, there's no doubt that each "maison de couture" had its unique take on "perfection" remaining faithful to their signature style. For the Valentino house might be the art of mixing minimalism with breathtaking embroidery opulence, whilst Mr. Elie Saab has a constant penchant for sheerness and of course..lots of "bling" which we can't complain about of course. nevertheless, they both had nudes, red ( though there's no red like the Valentino red ! ), natural beauty looks, flowers, volumetrics and of course regal creations. 

so is there any point in asking this silly, cliche question: do we have a winner between these two cat-walk shows ? 



 The dress below might be able to name a winner though..

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