1 week to go: Paris Fashion Week

20 February, 2013

HAVE I REALLY JUST SAID THAT IN THE TITLE ? it's still surreal for me to think that in exactly one week's time I'll be heading towards my dream city, the place where love, fashion and well...pretty much everything is more beautiful than anywhere else. and although, I'll be travelling alone, the love story is still there- just between me and Paris !

oh, sorry. let's rephrase that: me , Paris and of course my super friends in need ! These 3 pairs of flats are my weapons for my future daily Parisian street-wanderings, but that of course, only when I won't be in the mood for torturing my feet by wearing heels..

of course you are already familiar with my Sperry Top-Sider masculine shoes, but I have two new additions to my comfy footwear collection: a yet another mannish pair of Oxford shoes, with a little twist and edge though, given by the fringed detail and the neon sole (H&M) and my Zara beauties which I got during my winter holiday back home. Although I am not a fan of velvet, the sparkly beading which covers them entirely definitely did the trick for me and made me fall into a deep state of  "coup de foudre" ! They must surely be the perfect loafers for Paris walks ! 

so, one week left until I might be living the experience of my life ! i can't even picture myself surrounded by all that architectural beauty, by the mild and welcoming air , by the utterly flawless people and style-stunners..it's time to shake it off and get ready for this ! The final countdown has started ! 

Can't wait to see you again, Paris !



  1. Who knew Sperry made brogues?! I love them! And I love the rhinestone shoes as well. You're going to look so fabulous by the runways!


  2. Love the white ones!


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