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24 February, 2013

PLAYING WITH FUNCTION. I remember how I used to be completely fascinated when I was a child by Superman's ability to reveal his hero costume mid-day , hidden underneath his working attire. 

My childhood mystery has recently been solved and I had the chance to experience how inspiration strikes when it's most needed! In my case, Superman taught me not how to save the day, but how to save my most recent bound-to-become-a-failure online purchase ! 

Thanks to the wonderful Sheinside website I had the chance to discover an item that I was looking for in a while now- the wrap-around zipper skirt. Although I was on the verge of disappointment when seeing that the size of the skirt didn't have the conical, high waist cut that I had expected , I slowly started to play with it and realized that I actually like its volume and low waist line that I hadn't been used to before. It also allowed me to do something else: wear my "superlady" dress underneath ! 

Not only is this trick practical , but it is also highly on trend right now and  FUN to wear !  The front-side skirt slit, straight or oblique, marked by a metallic zipper is the designers' latest crush, being almost ubiquitous on the runways. Of course I was also completely fascinated by the sensuality and also toughness that it brings to an outfit, so I knew I have to try it ! To tell you the truth though, I had to wear the skirt backwards to get that effect, haha..busted ! 

I wanted an outfit that had an assembling, patched effect but one that would still hold balance and uniformity. And since I played a lot with textures and fabrics, I  knew I had to keep it simple in terms of chromatic: denim over denim, black & gold - a trio that can never go wrong. 

So now you know how to turn your day-time outfit into a party-ready look and the other way around. This comes in handy when you have no time to change after a work day , before hitting a super glam party on the other side of town ! 

Have fun with fashion guys and don't take it too seriously ! It's all about making anything work for your own personality, and remember that any imperfection can be fixed with a little creativity ! 

Stay creative ! 

skirt Sheinside
shirt Tiffosi Women
jacket Miss Sixty
shoes Massimo Dutti
bracelet Bianco
bag Pieces
sequins dress Sfera
vintage belt 



  1. I TOOOOOOOOTALLY love that skirt! Si imi place cum ai purtat-o cu geaca de blugi, e perfecta <3

  2. thank you so much !!! glad you like it :D

  3. amazing look. the skirt is beyond! I love it! following you know dear check out my blog and maybe follow me if you like. :)

  4. you are amazing sweetheart ! thank you so much ! share your link so I can follow ^^

  5. Courtois Valentine28 February 2013 at 15:23

    LOVE your look !!! You are so cute !! Nice to seeing you at Balmain fashion show :)
    xoxo. Valentine

  6. D&#39;ana Nunez1 March 2013 at 17:59

    Your outfit is perfection but that skirt is EVERYTHING! Great post.

  7. I love your outfit and how you styled that skirt!!

  8. great layering - and I love that depending on how the zipper is done, it can change the look from more demure, to 'ta-da!' - Congrats on the LALM selection!


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