15 February, 2013

MY WEAPON AGAINST COLD. although I have always had a penchant for layering, for some reason I have neglected it lately, desperately trying to find the thickest and warmest overcoat out there to protect me from the freezing blizzard outside. but it was about time for a new strategy ! 

 now I have actually decided to simply put on my coat and add an extra layer of protection with my super warm biker jacket  on top of it! the result is well, super warm , but also super edgy and "fashion week" ready  ( excluding the killer heels of course) 

speaking of those, I am trying to get more and more used to the thought that there's no chance I would actually be able to walk in this pair of shoes , mid-day during PFW , no matter how much I wished for that to happen in my perfectly fashionable dreams..but in reality, it would simply be inappropriate and...letal for my feet.  that's when my latest " flat & comfy " purchases come into picture. but more about them in a future PFW preparation post !  

shoes Sergio Todzi
skirt Zara
coat Mango
jacket Romwe
purse Max Mara
scarf, brooch, belt (all) vintage




  1. Kinga Sarolta Kavasi15 February 2013 at 22:41

    amazing outfit! love the shoes and the leather jacket!

  2. I often take of my heels after a shoot (that half hour is enough!) and change into flats as well, so I suppose I'm kind of misleading with my outfits...

    I love this, btw, like really LOVE it. Especially that skirt! Actually just the whole thing.

  3. thank you so much !!! And yeah, throwing an extra pair of flats in your bag sounds like a great and smart idea ! ^^

  4. thank you so much ! lots of love

  5. lovely outfit!

    Emma xx


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