my Valentine(s)

12 February, 2013

LOVE? of course ! Who needs a particular male "Valentine" when you are surrounded by so much love coming from your friends and family ? Luckily, since my family is far away from me, I still get to receive my daily doze of affection from my amazing house mates, so I can't complain too much. 

but should we talk about that particular.."Valentine's Day" ? Are you its subscribers or do you see it only as a simple marketing strategy that leads to excessive "pink" purchases and also to serious headaches and concerns regarding "the perfect present " ? 

I can't say exactly where I stand when it comes to this topic, since "love" has always been my "weak point", but one thing I know for sure: you don't need a specific day to show your love, you simply have to do that constantly !  

Anyway, as much as I try to avoid this romantic state of mind that seems to poison everything around during this time of year, I have to take the positive side of it: I get to play dress-up again ! haha 

so , I'm happy to introduce to you my latest H&M find, a hybrid of navy and emerald , which in these pictures seems blue due to the light. I guess, this dress is one of my "Valentines" this year, and I couldn't ask for anything better, especially when you also add my lovely house mates to the list ! This might actually be the best Valentine's Day ever ! 

now, for the other "independent" lovers out there, I really hope you'll embrace this day as another opportunity to enjoy your weekend with great parties and laughs, although they might be too sticky, pink and sweet.. don't isolate yourself from humanity just to escape from hearing "Happy Valentine's Day!" In the end, we all have a " Valentine " , so think of what's the most treasured thing in your life right now and cherish it to the max ! ( you only have 1 day left so hurry up ! )

dress H&M
clip brooch H&M
shoes Sergio Todzi 

love ( to you dear readers, my other "Valentines" ),


  1. Love the dress! <3

  2. the dress is amazing... !!! :O

  3. The dress looks amazing on you :)

  4. beautiful dress, beautiful girl!

  5. Thank you so much , girls !! <3

  6. B.A.D style Adriana Barar13 February 2013 at 12:20

    I love the dress! The back is beautiful

  7. <3 you are so LOVEly! lots of Barcelona love for my fav blogger!

  8. I really like that dress!! And your hair!!!!


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