Sequins & Denim

02 February, 2013

THE CONTRAST. is there anyone on this planet who doesn't find the black & denim combination simply infallible ? what can possibly be more perfect than an all-black outfit contrasted by a light shade of denim?one thing is for sure, at least for me: whenever I want to make sure I'm not going to have a "fail situation" regarding my outfit, the black & denim combo is always my go-to solution. 

this time, though, I went for a more risqué interpretation of the basic b&d combination, by linking two even more contrasting elements: sequins & denim. I do admit, sequins during daytime was definitely a risk I was aware of, but somehow, the denim and the masculine shoes saved the outfit from being too glamorous and made it suitable for an unexpectedly sunny February day. call it playful, edgy-chic or maybe outrageous, but all I know is that I felt extremely comfortable and energized while wearing this outfit .

now, let't talk shoes ! you might remember these Sperry Top Sider pitch-black Oxford style beauties ( HEY ! now you can find them at a discount right here! )  from this post.  I had to wait quite a while to be able to finally wear them and share their perfect design with you,  but here they are now, ready to make their glorious entrance haha! I have to say, this brand is one of the best discoveries I've made since starting my blog. They have the best range of comfortable footwear, that are not only practical & functional but also utterly fashionable and covetable, so after the golden boat style shoes that I first purchased from them, I knew I want another pair, a classic one this time. 

so what do you say? are sequins during day-time too much or you'd dare wearing them by shadowing their glitz&glam with some casual, contrasting items to complete your outfit ? can't wait for your feedback ! 

blouse vintage 
jacket Miss Sixty 
cropped pants MANGO




  1. great contrast of denim and sequins! I usually don't like sequins but you've made me rethink and love it:)

  2. I LOVE your shoes. And that photo of you floating. Awesome.

  3. Gorgeous the shoes & the pullover.

  4. Love the look! You look absolutely stunning. Adore those classic trousers with the cool shoes and spakly top!

  5. thank you so much !!

  6. hehe happy to hear that ! I also love that photo! thank you !

  7. you should try them one time , especially matched to knitwear. you will definitely feel more comfortable wearing them during day time like that ! thanks for your comment . kisses

  8. Lovin' those shoes! Great match with the sparkle in the top -


  9. Silvia Cristescu4 February 2013 at 07:43

    I loved how you matched the sequin top with the denim jacket. Very cool!

  10. amazing photos. love this look.

  11. Like, like, like!!!


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