Jens Stokholm

11 February, 2013

SURPRISE. i have been warning you during the last blog posts about a slight change on my blog, and now it's finally here ! I have decided to broaden my blog's inspiration resources, beyond my own personal outfit posts, and share with you snaps of awesome uni students from TEKO , but also HIH, another university in Herning. From now on, I'll try to develop regular style files featuring the beautiful and stylish people around campus, the people I get the chance to go to school with and instantly fall in love with their style ! 

For my first post of this kind, I chose menswear, simply because I don't usually offer that much inspiration to the boys. Jens is a freshman I noticed during one of our school's Friday bars and instantly knew I need to photograph him. Who knows, he might be our school's next style icon haha !

So what do you say guys ? Would you like to see more posts like this one, featuring my awesome school mates ? 

He was wearing:

blazer, scarf, shirt GANT


1 comment:

  1. Ooh, he looks so dapper. Love the scarf, very Chuck Bass :)


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