25 February, 2013

MATCHING TO PERFECTION ! Surprise, surprise, guys ! Here I am with my 2nd "style file",  featuring another amazing TEKO student, that immediately caught my eye ! Meet Kim, a gorgeous fashion design student that surely knows how to "break the rules" in style ! 

Why do I say that? Well, because that boring rule about never wearing identically matching accessories has no power what so ever on our lovely girl ! Not only does she bring such a powerful pop of colour to her all-black look through her checkered printed scarf+bag set, but she also makes a bold & fun statement which speaks out so loudly about her creative and fearless personality ! You just can't help not falling in love with her style ! I know I was completely charmed by her ! 

Oh, and have I mentioned the brilliant layering and those flawless boots ? 

You'll definitely see more of Kim on my blog in the future !

She was wearing:

Coat  Malene Birger
Bag and scarf  Malene Birger
Boots Phigo
Vest (gray) Sand
Shirts H&M & Inwear


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