chloé and MIXT(E) event - paper art by Sabrina Transiskus

02 March, 2013

L'UNIVERS DE CHLOÉ . bonjour mes amis ! ^^ yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a super chic event inside the Chloé boutique on Saint-Honoré. It's not everyday that you get to be served with champagne and "mise en bouche" at the same place with Anna Dello Russo and star-blogger Chiara Ferragni so I made sure to capture the moment and snap..well, literally everything around me. I hope you won't mind though .

The event was a celebration of a recent collaboration between Chloé, MIXT(E) magazine and the amazing German artist, Sabrina Transiskus. I had the chance to talk to her , in a more "quiet corner" , as she personally requested, and was simply charmed by her unique and sensitive personality. Such a modest, elegant and simply perfect person ( from the hair to her overly-cool outfit ) . I got the sense of a truly genuine and down-to-earth young woman who became a true inspiration for me. Make sure to explore her art-work HERE and keep an eye on this girl. We'll surely hear more from her ! 

P.S. New post featuring the street fashion during my 2nd PFW day coming soon ! My God, everything is happening on fast-forward here..and no time to sleep . Bare with me ! 






  1. You are so lucky to be at PFW! Have fun there!

  2. Courtois Valentine6 March 2013 at 18:29

    OMG tu étais là-bas mais tu as tellement de chance comment as-tu fait?
    Chiara est sublime



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