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15 March, 2013

GOING BRIGHT. Yes, that's snow ! Denmark is a funny place in terms of weather. One day you wake up in a sunny ( yet still frozen ) land, the next thing you know, it is covered with snow..

still, I decided to ignore the unbearable surroundings and go for a super bright coloured coat for my 2nd collaboration with Jydepotten , the coolest shopping place in Herning! I have to admit, I find it almost impossible to actually name the colour of this adorable garment ( it could be yellow, but it could also be green haha )  , so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them !

All I know is that I simply couldn't resist trying something that I would  normally never wear, only because I keep falling into the same "black comfort zone" in my daily life. But I guess, this is the magic of the store- it really makes you fall in love with some incredible pieces that you would never think you could possibly wear! 

Btw, the coat is on sale, so girls, go get it !

wearing : 
bag H&M
boots Zara
bracelet Bianco




  1. Ce blog frumos si fresh:) Imi place! Haine e superba:)

  2. Si ce comentariu frumos ! Multumesc mult !! Te voi urmari cu drag de acum inainte ! ^^

  3. Amazing look! I totally love the coat, the skirt, the shoes, well...everything is perfect, especially the coat. I really love the coat but I'm sure it would be almost impossible to find it here in Mexico :(

  4. Felicitari Sara!!! ...superbe pozele! Te pupam si it uram succes in tot ceea ce faci!

  5. Multumesc mult !!! va pupppp

  6. Oh my...that coat is breathtaking!!! Love the crazy color and wow, the skirt is so cool!:D


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