PFW day 2- outside Issey Miyake , Christian Dior and Isabel Marant

04 March, 2013

BACK TO GEOMETRY. it was all about geometric shapes and volumes during my 2nd day here in Paris. I personally am a devoted fan of the cocoon shape, not only for it allows you to add extra miles of layering underneath , but also for the super cool and laid-back effortless chic that it gives to your attire . 

nevertheless, there were also other ingredients in that day's fashion scenario:  fur (like it or not ), unconventional juxtaposition of elements ( fur, sequins, neon, sweatpants, Valentino heels - LOVED ) , menswear incorporated in lady-like ( a serious feast for my eyes ) and a serious contrast between black and colour. 

I noticed how most of the photographers choose to blend in the crowd by wearing black, but that only drags my attention even more towards them. I love photographing people that think they shouldn't be photographed. All that glitz & glam surely becomes tiring for my eyes and for my camera lens at one point, so having that serene ( in terms of colours ) fashion , that doesn't scream "take a photo of me " around, is a true blessing.

 I did start to believe Andy Warhol's words lately : "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" .







  1. I love your outfit and the incredible moments you've captured- esti atat de talentata!!!

    Have an amazing time there,
    Mary from TeenFashionDiary x

  2. So many amazing pictures of so many familiar faces and stylish people!! Gotta love fashion week ;)

  3. Courtois Valentine6 March 2013 at 18:28

    INCREDIBLE POST !!!!! Really !
    Gros bisous ma belle.

  4. amazing photos that were probably so much fun to capture!



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