Silver Lining

11 March, 2013

NEVER QUIT. Those of you who are following me on  Facebook have probably understood my most recent Danish weather adventures. Never before have I experienced a situation in which I was literally forced to give up the idea of actually getting a blog story..but I could not stop there. Not when I was finally about to shoot my first outfit from such an exciting collaboration that I have just started ! 

So the next day, I made sure I was actually properly ready to fight the utterly annoying and piercing wind that has been haunting these fields recently. And there I was, rocking 2 amazing pieces from InWear that I had the chance to style thanks to the amazing shop in Herning, Jydepotten. You can probably remember it from  this post

I swear I have never felt so instantly charmed by any garments before as I did when trying on these clothes ! I feel so blessed for having discovered this wonderful shop, that has so much to offer ! Jydepotten is like a hidden treasure in the heart of the town, that everyone should know about ! I am happy to say that you will enjoy more posts featuring clothes from the store, and for those living in the surroundings, I don't know how you can wait any longer until you hit this place ! So many goodies are waiting on the shelves ! But for now, make sure to like their Facebook page and stay up-to-date with the latest news ! 

InWear dress+jacket ( available at Jydepotten)
Sergio Todzi shoes 






  1. Courtois Valentine12 March 2013 at 10:05

    You are SO beautiful in those pics. I really really LOVE your outfit.

    <3 <3 <3

  2. LOVE IT, you really rock the street in that outfit girl!

    if you ever get the chance, please make a visit to my fashion website, maybe you want to do a guestblog entry...:-)


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