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19 March, 2013

BEHIND THE LENS. One of my favourite quotes belongs to David Hume, who once said:  "Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them." I have actually built my fashion universe according to these words and I can still relate to them and always will ! 

This is why, I always try to look around for details that might be overleaped by a mere eye. To be more precise, during Fashion Week, the largest amount of attention is most certainly offered to streetstylers..but what caught my eye in particular were not necessarily the people that everyone seemed to find interesting to photograph, but actually, those who were holding the cameras, having no intention what so ever to attract anyone's eye towards them. Of course, nowadays everyone holding a camera is regarded as a "photographer" or let's say blogger, but at least their purpose it's not solely to be snapped and admired, but also to capture some precious moments with their lenses. 

Therefore I created a selection of my favourite "camera holders" that I personally found charmingly inspiring. You will see some familiar ( and legendary) faces of course, but also some fresh ones, and although the quality of some of these photos is rather poor, I hope you'll ignore your instinctive critical eye and try to look beyond the missing pixels. I mean, these guys have a seriously rad style ( and I'm not talking only about fashion here, but about that authenticity, originality and uniqueness they all convey )  !

Another round of Paris Fashion Week memory posts has just started ! More coming soon!
Enjoy !






  1. Super cool post, and very inspiring to see the people behind the camera.. Not to mention the camera IS the no. 1 accessories in my point of view ;-)

  2. Thank you ! And yes, that's also my opinion regarding the camera hehe :D


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