Sunday at Versailles

03 March, 2013

PROMENADE Á VERSAILLES. a proper touristic Sunday spent at a magical place in France is the best choice I could've made after three days of continuous shootings and editing, though with the price of missing the Kenzo, Celine, Chloé and Costume National shows today..but well, tomorrow I'll be able to start my day at Stella fresh & recharged ! 

I haven't visited Versailles during my first time in Paris, so I knew I had to seize the opportunity this time and go there. Unfortunately I couldn't admire its true beauty completely, since the French  consider this time of the year still winter, therefore all the statues were covered , the fountains weren't working and there were some renovations going on...except for that , the interior of  the castle was exquisite. And so I had the chance to feel like a princess for a few hours ! If only I had a huge wig and  dress to really fit the surroundings...

dress+ dress, coat Zara
pants , bag Mango
shoes Sperry 



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  1. It just looks like a freakin' temple!! It is simply huge and I hope I can visit it too someday.:D Beautiful photos!


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