12 March, 2013

BACK TO BASICS. I felt the need to switch it up to a more wearable and comfortable outfit than the one I have previously shown you, for the simple fact that this is more..me ! Of course, who doesn't like to walk tall in sky-high heels and work some glam and glitzy garments, but in the end, comfort and casualness always win ! 

So this time I went for two of my favourite fashion pieces: the black oversized masculine blazer ( thanks to the amazing Sheinside online store !!! )  and the washed-out baggy jeans . I had to add a pinch of edginess to the ensemble though, so I finally resurrected my never-before-worn Zara pumps from their winter hibernation and then added some bling with my neon H&M cutie-necklace and the shoe-clip accessory turned ring through some practical magic (also from H&M ) . The jumper I was wearing here has become my bestie since I went home for my winter holiday. It's a lost and found long-time pal of my mom during her teenage years, which I have accidentally stumbled upon and..stole it of course ! It's incredibly comfy and puffy and nostalgic as well as it offers me a bit of warmth from my mom any time I wear it ( as "clich√©"-ic as it may sound ) 

So here you have it, a fuss-free Tuesday outfit that you can easily wear and feel comfortable in, yet still edgy . 

P.S. If you don't own such a blazer yet, you can find your perfect fit among the designs available at Sheinside ! There's no better place for super-hot, yet affordable, pocket-friendly fashion ! You don't need a boyfriend to have the coolest boyfriend blazer , girls !

necklace, ring, shirt H&M
shoes ZARA





  1. B.A.D style Adriana Barar13 March 2013 at 15:00

    Love this look! casual yet very elegant

  2. I agree, we all love to prance around in fancy outfits and high heels, but sometimes, the casual outfits are the most chic. Case in point, your outfit :) I love how you have played with the layers. These are all great pieces, especially the masculine jacket, even though they are considered 'basics'... it's amazing what a pair of heels and proper accessories can do for an outfit, totally elevates it. In other words, you look like a model off duty :)

    P.S. wanna follow each other on bloglovin?


  3. Love this outfit!


  4. thanks so much for this comment ! It makes me really happy when I receive comments related to what I actually write :)


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