Happy birthday, mom !

14 April, 2013

THE MUSE. Yes, it's that day of the year when you realize that there is no other person more important in your life than the one that made you who you are. In my case, that is my personal super heroine and muse-my mother. I need to be frank with you from the start. You're about to witness an intimate, soul-baring and emotional post, which only stands as a token of my pride and gratitude for having such an inspiring, motivating and loving mother, who is celebrating her 41st birthday today. Happy birthday, mom ! 

It is the first year I am not able to spend this important day with my dear family and I guess I was just caught off-guard by quite a severe wave of melancholy. At the same time, I never experienced such a brain-racking process of trying to figure out what the perfect "long-distance" gift would be, a process which started almost one month ago.In the end, I knew that nothing could express my love better than a written confession of my deepest feelings. I hope that making it public, will only add even more positive energy from you, dear readers ,to my birthday wish , so thank you for being a part of this ! 

So the story goes something like this: During my childhood, I would always prepare a postcard for any important event related to my mom, be it Mother's Day, a "forgive me" note, a Birthday wish or simply a drawing born out of my many strikes of inspiration. As the years went by though, so has my drive to "colour" and "sketch" childish messages on paper and all there's left now is a pile of   doodled  "memories" that me and my mom often go through for a quick doze of amusement and melancholy..or used to...Since this year I will not be able to offer her the biggest hug and kiss in the world , I decided to bring back my childish self and create a few more doodling messages shared with all of you within this post. Forgive my artistic skills. This was only intended to surprise and put a smile on my mom's face! :)

I love you mom! Thank you for...just being ! That will always be enough for me ! ^^ 



  1. Best wishes to your mom! :)

  2. Thank you !!! <3

  3. disqus_wIZ4U4Jg5G20 April 2013 at 15:42

    Cele mai frumoase cuvinte pentru cea mai iubita mama!!!


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