How to adapt resort-wear to cold weather

23 April, 2013


Living in Denmark has thought me one thing for sure- it takes a loooong time until you can finally be able to wear some spring clothes, and even when that moment comes, you still need a back-up plan. In my case, the leather pants and the super slick jacket were practical add-ins to an outfit that otherwise would've truly been "Havana ready" . Yes, to be honest, the dress and the hat would've been all that I needed to get myself on a sartorial holiday, but that ain't gonna happen any time soon in here, so I had to go wind-proof and cover up. 

Nevertheless, the outfit ended up being a true mood booster and never before have I felt sooo energized and confident . This is one of those cases when the clothes, do make the person wearing them! In my case, they sure made me a happier person haha .

P.S. I am so thrilled and over-the-heels excited right now while writing this post, as today I've taken the decision to give in to my genuine home-sickness and book a flight back home to Romania for one week. I still cannot believe that in one week's time I will be surrounded my my amazing family during the Orthodox Easter...ok, to be honest I also think a little bit about all those steamy pies that will be waiting for me on the table...

    I was wearing:

Genuine Panama Hat, jacket Philosophy Blues Original and dress By Malene Birger all thanks to the amazing Jydepotten store in Herning, Denmark 

shirt vintage
trousers H&M
shoes Zara

photos by my amazing Agnė 


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